Build to empower your journey for Outdoor Experience beyond Fashion and Performance


MERAKI Leggings

Explore the world

It starts with DREAM when travel makes us feel alive, coffee tastes like magic, bonfire makes you dance, good music becomes your best friend, strangers smile at you and night touches your soul

Bright Bold Active

Healthy lifestyle and well-being is a necessity for a balanced life. Hit the road, run, jump, exercise and eat healthy

Give wings to your legs

Shake your leg with Okura leggings and skirt

Raise the bar

Climb high and start playing sports with lightweight performance apparel


    We promote lifestyle and celebrates your zest for outdoor activities with our premium range of apparel and accessories

  • Your perfect outdoor buddy

    We aim to cultivate a community who share their

    -passion for outdoor

    -action oriented

    -Commitment and consistency in showing up

    -minimize digital screen

  • Travel light and smart

    Styles designed to get you outside, give freedom to your outdoor dream and add convenience with style

  • Best quality and durable products

    Investing in good quality product with longer shelf life that you can style in different ways is good for your pocket and environment both